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Pricipal Message

Pricipal Message

Dawn The Higher, an upcoming co-educational institution, aims at providing facilities to student of all aptitude to achieve the very best standards both academically as well as socially in an environment that is stimulating, caring and supportive. The school sets high standards of behaviour that instil value which enable pupils to develop into confident, articulate and vibrant young adults with a true sense of self worth, modesty and integrity.

We, at Dawn The Higher enable the student to feel and be fit for a full, active and satisfying life in the world beyond school. An excellent range of extra-curricular activities, including music, drama, art, quiz and sports to name a few, is available and our students are motivated to develop independence of mind, alongside the ability to work as team to achieve success in all walk of life.

In conclusion, May God shower his choicest blessing upon this institution so that it continues to serve the country and humanity at large.


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    School will remain closed 21 September, 2017. Regards: Principal DTH
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